Sandiego beauty world is a place where all your skin problems get a solution. We care about your appearance, as we all know that the wealth of mind is in good looking.

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Sandiego beauty world is divided into 4 major segments which are:
1] THE MAKEUP ASPECT: This involve teaching/learning how to be creative in terms of makeup, make is a very broad field which even on its own has different branches, we have the costume makeup, everyday makeup, bridal makeup, etc. It’s a world /beauty world that has no end, it keeps reproducing and advancing in nature by the day. Makeup is a beautiful thing, though it’s not really that easy to achieve but with hard work and focus it achievable because of its beautiful nature. That is why in our society today we have 1million and 1 people involved in this field. Makeup is indeed a beautiful thing because of its transformation in nature.
2] THE COSMETIC ASPECT: This aspect in the beauty world is very essential because it involves the whole physical body of a person, your/one’s appearance matter a lot, this aspect concentrate more on what we apply to our skin to give it that which it desires in order to get the perfect result in return, it is very true that we have different bodies, different skin types, skin colors, etc. So therefore what we apply in it must be varied, what we need to understand most time in terms of cosmetics is to know what suits our skin, what work Mr. A will definitely most times not work for Mr. B because we have different skin type. In this aspect the first we need to put into consideration is known as the type of skin we have, after what goes for what suits it, NOTE: organic skill remains the best for all skin types.
3] THE CREATIVEHAIRSTYLE: This aspect speaks more beautiful hair is what God as given to a woman as natural beauty, now we reblend it in a different creative style which comes out very good. You see in our society one million and one woman makes different hairstyles in order to look good in different ways, that why we see different hairstyles because it adds to the beauty. Yet more hairstyle comes out every day. Being creative about hairstyle is a very unique thing even when you see someone carrying a particular hairstyle the ability to make you different is being creative. In the world today we will notice that artificial hair has gone viral, yet it doesn’t stop creativity.
4] THE HEALTH ASPECT: No one can argue with me that health is not part of beauty, health is wealth as a popular saying goes, here we look at our intake, we consider what we take into our system because it determines what happens to our physical body most time, SANDIEGO HEALTH CARE talks more on what and what we need to take in order to get a good outcome in our body system, what we take in to determine what the outer look like e.g. we teach and enlighten you on what you need like eating fruit, the type of fruit you need for your skin to look outstanding, the combination of what you need to blend together in other for you to look good, all are natural ingredients no chemical, now we can see that this aspect is also very essential doesn’t only involve beauty but has a lot to say about health
Here I will love to draw out my plans, so help me God.
In anything we do in life we need to put almighty God first. First of all, I will like to say a very big thanks to the almighty God for giving this kind of initiative to come up with this idea. It’s not been easy to put this platform together, I know which I will never relent I see a bright future on this platform, I see myself helping lives and changing people’s situation positivity. So help me God.
1] Free training class.
2] Advance class.
3] Private class.
4] Master class.
The above classes are strictly online class


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Sandiego beauty world is a place where all your skin problems get a solution. We care about your appearance, as we all know that the wealth of mind is in good looking.

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